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Take Back the Night, 6 pm, Old Main, Wednesday, April 13th

this is tonight:


join me @ 6 pm, Old Main, Wednesday, April 13th.

even if you can't stay the whole time, come for a bit to show your support. if you are a woman, have female friends, have a mother, sister, or grandmother, you should be there. if you are a man and have been assaulted by another man, you should come. if you're one of the privileged minority that has never had to think about rape or sexual assault because it hasn't happened to you, show up. if you think you don't know anyone who was been victimized, come for a reality check... male supporters are sincerely appreciated.

"...But co-directors Katie Stanton and Addie
Dunn are aiming to cast a wider net of social
awareness these days, redefining their
feminism as a broader humanism that
addresses a wide array of inequalities. Dunn
notes that a lot of Womyn’s Concerns’ 15
members are active in other student groups
around campus.
Womyn’s Concerns also heralds its own
causes like Take Back the Night, scheduled
April 13, which is a rally against sexual
assault and a march around the campus and
community to various stops where rape
victims talk about their experiences."

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