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Youth Empowerment Project Leadership Training in Sept. (x-posted)

The Youth Empowerment Project is holding its annual Team Leadership Training for this year. There are twenty five spots available for those between the ages of 14 and 24 that wish to join the group and can commit to 10 hours of volunteer services a month.   Check below this cut for more information on the training and how to sign up. 

Youth Empowerment Project Leadership Training

This training Weekend will cover everything you ever wanted to know about HIV/AIDs, STDs and pregnancy prevention, as well information on small group facilitation and community outreach techniques. Dinner will be provided for the Meet and Greet on Friday evening. Continental breakfast and snacks will be provided and each participant will recieve a $5 stipend for lunch for both module one and two.

Training Outline:

The Y.E.P. training will occur on the last weekend in September(9/23-9-25).

Friday September 23 from 5pm to 7pm at the Pitt Men's Study in Oakland -
Y.E.P. Meet and Greet.
This session gives everyone time to meet each other, kick back and relax before the information intensive weekend and get some more in depth information about the backgroud and mission of the project. Friday night is not mandatory however, everyone is encouraged to attend that is able. Members previously trained are also encouraged to attend if they plan on participating in this years program.

Saturday September 23 from 9am to 5pm PERSAD Center 5150 Penn Ave
Module 1 HIV 101, STD 101, HIV Testing 101, Personal Perspectives

The module will give you knowledge to the cellular level about HIV/AIDs, STDs and a personal perspective of somone currently living with HIV. This session is mandatory if you wish to participate as a team leader with the Youth Empowerment Project this year. This session is for people previously utrained through Y.E.P. only.

Sunday September 25 2005 9:30am to 5pm Persad Center 5150 Penn Ave.
Module 2: Pregnancy Prevention, Outreach/Facilitation techniques,
Act outs, and wrap up/scheduling

This module will give you information about various contraceptive methods. We will also talk in depth about barrier methods that not only prevent pregnancy but also help lower and in some cases eliminate your risk of contracting most sexually transmitted diseases. We will also go over the how-to's of outreach and small group fascilitation. There will be a chance to Act Out scenerios to illustrate proper ways to work and deal with sitations that may come out while out in the community doing outreach. ( comfort levels, 'Passing the buck', team leadership support, sweep sheets) During the wrap up , we will go over the various outreach forms and recruitment materials. You will aslo be given a chance to rate your experience at the training and give suggestions for use at future trainings. You will be given a calendar & a fall schedule of events. At the end of this module, you will be given a certificate of completion.
This session is mandatory if you wish to participate as a team leader with the Youth Empowerment Project this year. This session is for people previously untrained through Y.E.P. only.

To sign up for the leadership training and set up a (15 minute) interview please leave message here with a way to contact you , or contact Lyndsey (Y.E.P. Coordinator) at 412-441-9786 x214 or at , include your name, age, email address and phone number along wiht your preferred method of contact.


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