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My name’s Erica. I’m a seventeen year old female living in the state of Pennsylvania. I was born with a mild case of Cerebral Palsy. For the many of you who don’t know what Cerebral Palsy is, I will explain. Cerebral Palsy is a disability resulting from damage to the brain before, during, or shortly after birth and outwardly manifested by muscular impairment and speech disturbances. I do have muscular impairment, but I do not have any problems with speaking. I walk with two supports called poles, (usually referred to as ski poles or plungers), and I wear a brace on each of my legs. I’m legally blind and my right eye is what the doctors refer to as a Lazy Eye. If you look at my glasses from a side view, you will realize that one lens is thicker than the other lens. I am a lesbian and prefer only girls. However, I still will talk to straight, gay, and bi-sexual males. I’m not the type to discriminate against anyone. I consider myself to be very loving, caring, passionate, considerate, outgoing, friendly, and willing. Some people may disagree with this, while others who know me and what I’m like simply agree. I’m not saying that I’m perfect, because nobody is, we all have our flaws. People view other people in different shades of light at times and sometimes judge by the first impression, which I personally think is a huge mistake because as I said earlier nobody’s perfect and everybody has their flaws. I’m spiritually confused, but have figured out that I am honestly going to just follow my heart in what I believe. I was raised Roman Catholic while growing up, but I have developed a very bitter taste towards Organized Religion. I am the type of person who rather be feeling the power of the supreme being in which I believe outdoors, not stuck inside some man made church with air conditioning. It just doesn’t seem right to me anymore. I feel as though I’m honestly leading back into wanting to study more of the Wiccan and Pagan beliefs. I love Scott Cunningham’s works of literature and find him to be very resourceful when it comes to my studies. He just explains everything in an easy to understand manner. Wiccan and Pagan beliefs is what I feel is right for me. I didn’t say that you had to agree with me or disagree, but try to accept me for whom I am. If you can’t do that and you want to judge me, then you’re simply just a waste of my time. I don’t want to lose friendships, but I want to try to remain friends with people of all different cultures, ethic backgrounds, sexual orientations, political views, races, creeds, religious beliefs, societal beliefs (etc. etc.). It’s quite all right if people don’t agree with my beliefs or anything or tell me that it’s wrong and evil because every person is entitled to their own opinion. It’s okay to listen to what other people’s opinions about you are, but keep in mind that they are exactly that, opinions. I am senior this school year and I’m definitely ready to graduate and leave behind my treacherous high school days. Please don’t get me wrong, there will be a few people that I will miss, but other people I simply just won’t care about. I want to get out and explore the world. Once out of high school so far I plan to major in Elementary education. Blessed Be~ELW
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