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Name: Amber
Age: 20
Looks: 5'3, 120 lbs., w/ sleeve tattoo on left arm, piercings here and there, medium-long blonde and brunette dreads, very Ani Difranco looking though looking like her is not my goal at all.

I'm a sorta shy, sorta eccentric 20 year old lesbian looking for friends, parties, places to crash, and possibly hook ups, I mean, why the hell not? I'm somewhat nubile to the dyke game yet quite experienced when it comes to doing the nasty. I'm originally from South NJ but am in Philly so frequently that I might as well live there and it's surprising I don't have many friends in the city. So if you're bored, want to expand your circle of friends, or want to try something new -- IM me at 'capitalsmack' or comment here.
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